India faces massive skill gap; companies wary of unemployable youth

India Skills Report suggests that by 2025, more than 250 million of India’s youth would have entered the workforce, while only 5% of that human resource pool would have employability, obtained through formal training.

This is despite the fact that new centers of higher education, particularly private colleges, keep mushrooming across India. As many as 5,000,000 Indian students graduate every year, of which many are unaware of the basics of their field. The education system is in a shambles.

What would they do if they are unable to meet the industry’s standards? Particularly, the technology industry where the rate of change is rapid. According to Information Technology experts, around 15 million youth enter the workforce every year. Of this, over 75 percent are not job ready.


India needs skilled workforce for economic growth, development

On the other hand, India would require 700 million skilled workers by the year 2022 to be able to meet the growing demands of a fast-paced economy. A glaring imbalance is visible and a cause for concern because education and skill are two prerequisites for economic growth and development.

A Nasscom report says there is a need to re-train up to 1.5 million, or nearly half of the IT sector’s workforce, due to the advent of latest technologies—since it is getting increasingly difficult to find competent employees. Fed up of the skill divide, some companies are, in fact, resorting to recruiting from abroad.

“We need trained people but they are difficult to come by due to skill gap. We first have to select the best out of the present lot and then make them undergo rigorous training,” says Anuj Agarwal, Head, Deskera Education–a novel initiative to bridge the skill divide.

All this translates into one thing: The present generation of college pass-outs are skill deficient and standards have hit rock bottom. The assumption that all colleges actually impart education falls flat; paper credentials are being bought through a fee. The piece of paper actually is no guarantee that the person holding it is qualified to be employed for the field for which he holds the certification.

To be continued…

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