How Big Data technology can help the telecom sector

By Muqbil Ahmar

The theme for this year’s World Telecommunications Day is “Big Data for Big Impact.” And rightly so. Big Data technologies are transforming the landscape of several industries such as healthcare, insurance, financial markets, etc. The saying that “information is power” is coming true. Continuous evolution of communication is resulting in rapid information dispersal globally, leading to the coming of age of information societies.

In fact, global research firm Gartner confirms this trend and says that companies are gathering much more data than was ever possible and that Data Analytics will continue on to grow exponentially by 800 percent over the coming five years. The telecom sector must take advantage of this data deluge. And legacy business intelligence as well as data visualization tools of before will not suffice as they are not geared towards resolving complex data problems. Consequently, this is the time for the telecom industry to leverage Data Analytics as the sector itself generates tons of data.

Leverage Big Data and Analytics for telecom

Big Data is a collective term for data sets so huge and complex that even traditional data-processing methods are insufficient. The technology processes the data sets to uncover hidden patterns and correlations, thus, leading to discovery of meaningful insights. Big Data tools use mathematical and statistical models, tools, and algorithms to discover trends and patterns including the ability to make predictions and prevent bottlenecks and hurdles. Predictive analytics and user behavior analytics can be utilized to extract value from the data.

Modern Big Data processing software applications can help the telecom industry not only to store and process huge volumes of data but also help in analysis and curation. For that telecom sector will need robust processing, storage, and analysis to convert the unstructured data into actionable insights, thus, preventing critical business bottlenecks.

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