World’s cutest solar power plant in the form of a panda launched in China

Can solar power farms be adorable? The Panda Power Plant installed in Datong, China has been shaped like the nation’s treasured animal. The power plant has been drawing rave reviews due to its aesthetics. The first phase of the plant offers 50 MW of green energy. Panda Green Energy built it in agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and advocates for renewable sustainable energy. The first phase of the solar farm has just been connected to the grid.

No wonder, China has emerged as the most attractive destination for renewable energy attractiveness. The Asian giant has surpassed the USA, according to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index 2017, released by global research and audit firm Ernst and Young (EY). The Chinese government has been following industry-friendly policies and attractive economics to help transform the outlook for the renewable energy sector.

Panda-Green-Energy-889x500The giant panda solar power plant will have a total installed capacity of 100 MW. The black parts of the panda station, such as the ears and the arms, have been formed from monocrystalline silicone solar cells, whereas the grey and white stomach and face have been composed of thin film solar cells. China plans to build more such Panda Power Plants to offer 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours in 25 years, according to Panda Green Energy, the company behind the project, thus, saving about 1.056 million tons of coal and cutting carbon emissions by around 2.74 million tons. The company plans to install more such plants in the next five years. All this is part of Chinese development strategy also known as the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road.

Besides providing clean electricity, the solar station will showcase China’s commitment towards green energy initiatives to the world and particularly to its own youth. The power plant will also have a youth activity center, especially targeting schoolchildren and educating them about the benefits of solar energy.

So, while the USA has withdrawn from the 2015 Paris Agreement, Asian superpower China is marching towards emission reduction as well as renewable energy commitments. Recently, the world’s biggest floating solar power plant was made operational in Huainan city, Eastern China. The 40-MW plant is on a reservoir and in close proximity to the city. Offshore from Huainan, the plant has been successfully connected with the power grid. Being offshore, it does not take up space and uses less energy than solar farms as seawater acts as a coolant.

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