World’s first containerized solar power plant has been launched in Switzerland

Climate change as well as global warming are realities facing humans. According to NASA, global temperatures have risen by over 1 degree since the year 1880. Moreover, 9 of 10 warmest years have happened after the year 2000. In 2012, Arctic ice decreased to the lowest level. Across the world, sea levels are rising at the rate of 3.4 mm per year. It won’t be long before large parts of habitation get submerged.

The need of the hour is to harness green energy for a sustainable future. In a fascinating alternative to diesel generators is the option to adopt hybridized solar micro-grids. And this thought has been put into action. The world’s first containerized retractable solar power plant or generator has been launched. The unique technology enables simplified and rapid solar deployments of variable duration. On the other hand, it also provides users the ability to easily relocate their solar assets when and where needed and as per convenience.

The Class S10-50 (the term stands for a 10 × 10 foot container with as many as 50 integrated solar modules) is a practical ‘plug and play’ alternative that can be used as a substitute for traditional fixed solar installations, which can take months to deliver and used up land and capital for around 20 years. The device is deployable on any surface and can be ideal for leasing and rental programs.

Installation is all about simplicity, speed, and flexibility

“PWRstation is about simplicity, speed, and flexibility—attributes that are not yet synonymous with solar energy. We are proud to be the first to market a containerized retractable solar solution… But this is just the beginning,” says Gianfranco Albertella, PWRstation’s Chief Commercial Officer

PWRstation, the solar products development company committed to clean, renewable, and environmentally sustainable energy that is affordable, easy to access, and rapid to activate, has launched it. Engineered in Switzerland, the retractable and transportable solar system technology removes the complexities, time, and cost associated with conventional solar installations. The green energy organization has been working with commercial, industrial, government, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), including the likes of the UNHCRWorld Bank, etc.

High time to switch to solar power

In India, the situation is alarming as well. There is an environmental crisis staring at us. Despite several measures being taken at the Centre and state levels, there has no let-up in air pollution levels and particulate matter pollutants in the air. Delhi Smog was a scary case. It is a reality check of the pollution in India’s big cities. Air quality reduced to hazardous levels. A World Health Organization’s study of 1,600 cities ranks national capital Delhi as most polluted. Air pollution was 40 times more than permissible safety limits prescribed by the WHO and 15 times greater than Indian standards.

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